A big feature and a small sprint? What to do?

I once found myself in a situation where a big and important feature needed to be delivered in a single sprint where both development and testing must be completed. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Now imagine that your sprint lasts only 2 weeks. Usually, these kinds of things can result in a situation where the whole team sits together during late hours and executes all tests until the very last minute. It can be a real mess… But we can turn it to be quite successful… That was just the thing I was talking about during my talk ‘’Big feature – small sprint’’, while at the “SQA Days” 21st conference at Moscow.
In my talk, I told a story about Gettpool, why him? Because Gettpool is just like us – a tester on the team of superheroes. And yes, like us, he is the go-to punching bag. When he first encounters the “big features” challenge, he realizes that the whole sprint will be spent on testing (this is 2 weeks we’re talking about). His first desire is to start testing everything. But he knows that everything should be done in order.
First there is analysis; then there is planning; there is also writing; and of course, test execution. But as he is moving from stage to stage, there are changes in the characteristics of the product. Not just these changes, there also are new “black” holes that are found during the test execution. All of these issues, force him to go back to the preparation stage of testing and constantly make changes to his test plan. In other words, we start to panic and think “How the hell are we going to get out of this loop”?
But then, like the real superhero that he is, he manages to deal with these “challenges”. To find out how he did it, take a look at my presentation by clicking on the link.
I hope you enjoy, and never forget that each of us has a superhero living inside of themselves.
P.s. The video from the conference is ready and uploaded, but it is in Russian, so Russian speakers can enjoy more!

Video (Russian):

Presentation (RUS):

Presentation (ENG):

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