The best stickers at the CodeFest 2018 conference.


You like stickers and your laptop is all covered with them? Do you know which labels were distributed at the CodeFest conference which took place in Novosibirsk this April? Want to check out the coolest ones? Then, this post is for you.

I am a creative person (inherited it from my grandfather). I always care about the visual part of everything I do and use. And as a technological “geek”, I adore the stickers that we glue on laptops, notebooks, and, generally, at our workplaces. I’m a tester in my soul, so I’ve long wanted to “test” stickers that are distributed in high-tech conferences. Today I have stickers from CodeFest Conference 2018 Novosibirsk, Russia. But, to determine the quality of the labels, you need to determine the purpose of their use.

Our users are divided into two groups:

  • First choose stickers only by their design, adding “Oh, what a funny muzzle!”.
  • Second ones are those for whom the stickers are like orders and decorations on the uniform so that others can see and understand who is in front of them and to which sub-culture he/she belongs.

Android developers are an excellent example of this. Each of them has a sticker, badge or toy with the logo of their community.

I consider myself to be the one who belongs to the second group of users. But, if a very nice sticker comes in, I’ll always find a place for it.

Now we will review all the stickers that I managed to collect at the conference and evaluate them. I should note that this will be only my subjective opinion, but for the sake of justice, I will rely on an evaluation system that consists of the following criteria:

  1. Size: how suitable is it for use.
  2. Design: colors, aesthetics, performance.
  3. Concept and idea.
  4. Content: a general content of the sticker including text and objects.

So, let’s begin. There are 9 participants. All of them have done an excellent job, but you’ll still need to make a choice:

9th place:


Lots of stickers but I don’t really get this size and concept.

8th place:


You can clearly see from the beginning that these stickers were made for whatever reasons, but not for the conference.

7th place:


Too bright, too many small details and lots of barely readable text.

6th place:


Everything looks nice, but the hamster itself is pretty simple. (maybe I don’t get it?).

5th place:


Old and good mail.ru. Interesting idea, but I wouldn’t stick this grandpa on my laptop. 🙂

4th place:


Bear is great but too big. And, I for did not like the sheep. 🙂

And here are our finalists. I must say that it was very difficult to make a choice between the first and second place. Really cool stickers.

3rd place:


Great stickers, but not for this conference, so they’re getting the 3rd place.

2nd place:


Interesting idea and excellent performance, good size. But if you are not int 2GIS, then you can not understand what it’s about – because of this second place.

And, our finalist:

1st place:


“I didь” is the hit the season. Size, concept, and content are excellent. Well done guys, I really liked it and now your sticker is on my laptop.


Once again I want to thank all the guys for the excellent stickers and the work is done. You all did great! See you at the next conferences.

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