Think Bigger – How to Truly Become World-Class in Testing

Every tester and QA engineer will ask himself at least once in his life: “What do I need to become a pro tester?”. Well, I get this question from beginner test engineers too. And, as always, I must say that there are loads of answers, but one particular can be found in this video of Ilari Henrik Aegerter talk from Heisenbug conference 2017.
I honestly suggest everybody find a spare 40 minutes and watch it.
It includes one of the most useful and interesting statements about what you need to become the best tester.

His definition of a world-class tester is “a person who is able to rapidly discover highly relevant information about the product, who makes the most use of any resource that is available to him/her, and who has the respect of people involved in a project. It is a person who can be trusted.”
You will also hear him talking a few interesting ideas in regards to testing in general:
“A tester is a person who knows that things can be different”
“Testing is the art of finding out what software can do and where it fails to do what it claims”
And, of course, get quite a few practice tips:
  • Read a lot (about software, technology, testing, and development)
  • Write a lot (your blog for example)
  • Test a lot
  • Immediately join the tester’s network
  • Join a Professional Association. If you from Israel this is the best group for testers in Israel (Link)
  • Go to Meetups – Same If you from Israel I have the link to the best and bigger meetup group of testers in Israel (Link)
Important points about “automation”:
  • Must understand the difference between Checking and Experimentation
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses of automation and tool use
  • Automation is not “a better version of testing”
  • You cannot automate human sensemaking
And additional interesting points that I really loved:
  • Understand developers as your allies
  • Tools won’t solve your problems
  • Test Case != Testing
  • Don’t believe a word of what I told you here – Use your own judgment.
And little summary that Ilary Henrik share at the end of the presentation:
  • Practice your Skills
  • Connect to a Network
  • Understand testing as a social activity
  • Become technically proficient
  • Study Complexity Theories
  • Know when something is bad
So QA brother and sister, good luck on your journey be word-class testers!

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