The Future of the Testing Role – James Bach (Review)


I’m writing this post while thinking: “Who am I to comment on one of the great gurus in testing – James Bach.” But after spending an hour and a half of my time watching James’s video talk, I’ve still got the courage and wrote. 🙂

First, if you are a “tester” in any of its manifestations, you need to know who James Bach is. Thank the fate that our generation is lucky to have a real “Guru” of software testing, whose work inspires us to become the best specialists and to love testing, as he does.

Secondly, as for his report “The Future of the Testing Role”, there are a few moments that I particularly liked:

  • He reminded us again that testing is unbounded. “What done means is I’ve decided to stop working on it”
  • And how important it is for us not to forget about “Our critical perspective – Risk is our focus, faith, and highest priority”
  • The next moment “Our objective is an informed client”, here I have added, that in Agile one more client is a team.
  • Of course, I generally do not agree that you need to give up “identity politics” and call yourself just a “tester”. This works great when you are a guru and achieved a good professional level and you do not need to “sell” yourself. But in everyday life, I believe, there should be an understandable vector of professional development, and in the shower we all, of course, are testers. 🙂
  • Another important point is that we do not always have to use “deep testing” and it should be used wisely.
  • He also focused his attention on the test report, which should consist of: Status of the product, how you are tested and what is the value of the testing.
  • And lastly, in the Agile team, the tester should be a test specialist! Who has a “villa” where team members can “go in” and test.

In conclusion, I advise everyone to take a look video with the talk. James Bach is a fine speaker, insightful, inspiring and entertaining. He always strives to be the best in his business.

Good luck!

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