BIF2018: The Belgorod miracle


Today’s post is not about testing. This post is about how desire, action, and love of technology can create real miracles.

While drinking coffee in the hotel room of Aurora, which is located in the center of Belgorod (no, this is not in Serbia, it is in Russia), I’m trying to lay out everything that happened to me yesterday in one small post. Since YOU, my readers, are lazy and will not read something long, I will try to keep it within 1000 words.

Yesterday I participated in the IT conference BIF2018 with the report “Jump into the dark: Leap from testing to QA”, there will be a separate post about the report. I agreed to come to the conference for two reasons: the speaker’s party and steaks, the icons of which filled their entire page. You can see by yourself: (https://www.bif2018.ru). I first heard about the conference and was invited a month before. I doubted whether to go or not. But a friendly advice of Vasily Savunov, one of the speakers and my friend, who had already visited the conference in the past, convinced me to make the right choice. And I did, but by the way, I did not happen to eat the steaks.

Although there were no steaks, I am indescribably delighted with yesterday’s event. I can say today that this was the most original conference I’ve been till now. And this is in a small town with a population of 300k. It’s even smaller than Rishon LeZion in Israel. SHOCK! 🙂

Work with speakers.

I will try to describe briefly – “It’s like with older children.” “Do you need a taxi – got it. We will bring you food. That’s it and this .. Oh, you did not ask for that, but we still brought it. You’ll forgive us, but we only have Jack Daniels whiskey. And if you need something – here is Yana, she is with you 24 hours a day. In short, come and just rock in your talk well. Everything else is on us.”
So it was before the forum, during the forum and after. In addition, I was more impressed, when the moment I landed in Tel Aviv, there was a message waiting for me from Yana, where she asked how was my way back. This is WOW experience for speaker, the best attitude and concern. 🙂 5 stars.

Event organization.

The place is a completely different story – a Belgorod State Philharmonic Society. No, no .. Not that one, which is the old forgotten building, where it smells damp. It’s a new, modern building with fancy rooms with high ceilings. Great.

The bullhead, logo of the conference, is just everywhere.

A lot of volunteers are looking after you. In case you do not understand where to go, a girl in a red sweatshirt (color of the conference) is already beside you offering help in navigating.

We pass further into the main space with stands. And there you have 3D shooting and robots, and stands of some companies and of course buns, cookies, and water. In general, everything is like serious “uncles” from Moscow do. Maybe there were no bright companies, but there were things to do without them. 🙂

The main concert hall is worth separate mentioning. It was very nice, comfortable and modern. I even managed to sit on the stage during the panel discussion, as an expert.

Talk place organization.

There were enough seats, everything was there, and the microphone and the clicker and even the computer connected from the first time. So in my case, it was all right. By the way, there were such speakers, like Roma Kvartalnov, who performed in the organ hall.

Can you imagine what a great acoustics is there? 5 stars for that too.

The closing of the conference

Closing the conference is the reason why I’m writing this post. Symphony Orchestra plays songs of “Queen”! You have not seen or heard such a thing! For 30 minutes the “goose bumps” on the skin did not go away. The soloist in the tuxedo sang in the manner of Eddie Mercury: “Show must go on”. It was WOW! In the end, the hall applauded standing up!

The organizers did not stop there. There was also the after party in the medieval castle “Utark” with food, drinks, fire show, knights and a rock band.

If you thought that this was all – Nope! In addition, there was a salute.


Now you understand that the “BIF2018” is a little more than an IT conference only. This is an opportunity for the city to show what it is capable of. This is an advanced youth who loves their city. These are IT members and entrepreneurs with their new ideas. There was a huge support of the city administration and the governor. They all wanted to show the guests that we are small but very advanced and we have huge potential. And as for me, they succeeded.

So, if you are a speaker and you are invited, do not think twice, agree. In another case, you have the opportunity to just visit the come-forward. If you are passing through Belgorod, go to the philharmonic society.

Once again many thanks to Yana and Dima, you are cool guys and all those who helped them too. BIF2018, we really burned together!

P.s. Short summary video

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