My first European Conference and speaker philosophy


It was the end of the Quest for Quality 2018 conference in Dublin, Ireland. My first European conference. My first time as a speaker at the European testing conference, and the first time I conducted a lecture in English in front of an English-speaking crowd. And, of course, my longtime friend, Monya, who switched his name to Mike for that purpose. This was also my first attempt to tell jokes for 30 minutes while explaining what the true power of tester is.


For me, perming on stage is a lot like a boxing ring. Only your opponent is your brain, which is doing everything on its power to get you out of this scene. Therefore, it blocks your breath. It is trying to make you forget everything. And of course, it makes your jokes not that funny at all. But as soon as you start to see how the audience smiles at you, watches and listens to you with interest, you start winning the battle with your brain and fears .. And here you begin to really enjoy the process of the battle. And of course, in the end, applause and questions are the true taste of victory.


But not only that, the performance is like a sports match. In order to perform well, you need months of training and preparation. That time I had the support team, there was an excellent coach – Meital Ben Tovim, my main sponsor (was) – Gett company, and the organizers of the Quest for Quality conference themselves. And of course, the main support was exciting for me at home – My wife, who supported me at every moment of doubt and stress and most importantly believed in me.

So it was not easy, but I was grateful to the fate and my team for that experience. And in less than a day, I was already looking for the new opportunity to “enter the ring” again and share my experience with the audience at future conferences.


– Attend conferences and meetings.

– Speak to the public.

– Challenge yourself.

See you at the next testing community event!


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