Review: TestIL Meetup # 16 – Unit tests, not just for developers


I recently attended a regular meeting organized by TestIL on the topic “Unit tests, not just for developers”. The meetup took place in an unexpectedly cool place, in the company of Yotpo, Tel Aviv. Great pizza, beer, drinks, and internet made this evening even more beautiful. Unfortunately, their representative’s opening speech was a little bit unenthusiastic (lackluster). Therefore, I still do not understand what the company is doing and what is happening specifically with the QA department. But otherwise, everything was just super. Thank you very much.

This time the topic of the meeting was more focused on automation “checking”. The first to speak was Tomer Cohen, the young star of our community. His message in “Testing our test automation framework” was that the automation framework is also code, which means it needs to be tested. And not just like that, but needs to be covered with automation “checks”. It sounds obvious and understandable. But I do not know who in reality actually implements it. But it sounds very original, testing automation tests by automation tests. Even a joke was born “Let’s cover by unit tests our automation tests. Yeah, and for even greater reliability, we’ll cover unit tests by unit tests. :)))”. Joking aside, the report was pretty good. And I really liked the idea.

Amit Wertheimer then spoke on the topic “Unit testing for non-coders”. Personally, I took a few points from the report:

  • QA engineers should strive to be able to read and understand the code and automation tests.
  • QA engineers should not be afraid of the code.
  • The two previous points will allow the QA and programmer to work together.
  • Unit Tests is a useful thing, even with the strong dynamics of product changes.

In addition, I met with new members of the testers community. I saw and talked with “veterans”. So the evening was very productive.

Thanks to the “TestIL” organizers, speakers and the host company. Good luck and keep up the good work.

See you at the upcoming meetups next year.


  1. Nice 😊
    As well as you, I didn’t understand (mostly didn’t hear) the Yotpo representative.
    Personaly I think that Amit’s report goal was to show how as a QA tester you can check the unit test with some basic code knowledge only.
    I agree that qa engineers should strive to be able to read and understand the code but even if they still can’t Amit’s tips can be very helpfull.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Today, QA engineers are required to expand their range of knowledge including code writing skills.

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