Unforgettable adventures in Gett.


December 31st was significant for me, not only because it was the end of 2018. It was my last day in my previous workplace, Gett. I gained a lot of experience, knowledge, and memories from my adventures in Gett. I’ll cherish and remember those in my memory for a long time. People who helped taught and supported me – all will remain in my heart.

Thanks to them, I have achieved a lot this year. Conferences, competitions, blog posts, and other public speeches. Thanks to all of this work, many people throughout the tech-community today know about us as a company and what we do. Now, everyone knows who the Getters are.

This period of my life has once again proved that if you direct human energy in the right direction, you can achieve incredible results. That’s what Gett has done for me. In addition, I learned that the company principles the company has are very important and every day we guide us in our decisions. Gett’s principles were very close to me and I still believe in them to this day: ”Be pros, Be humble, Be positive, and Gett things done”.

Thanks to everyone who was part of this unforgettable adventure for the past two years. The hi-tech world is very small and we will definitely meet again. In the meantime, I have to start my new adventure about which I’ll tell you in the future …

With respect and love, your Getter, Testing Geek, and Quality Freak – Igor G

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