Developers are not fools!!!


The must-read to anyone who begins his/her journey in QA/ testing in Israel. (It might also come handy to those, working in countries besides Israel, therefore the text is in English)

If you are reading this post, I must congratulate you ! I suppose you have graduated a super duper QA- course from one of several renown institutions in Israel or abroad I could name a few. Even though you have probably studied “so-so”, you have passed the internal examinations. Let’s be honest, for 15,000 shekels per course, everyone passes. And now you are thinking about your wonderful future in Hi-tech. These amazing open spaces, free food and snacks, and, of course, breathtaking view from the 21st floor. And how you are going to introduce yourself proudly saying: “I am a “high-tecist”! ”That is what sales people have sold you. “In just 3.5 months you will be working in Hi-tech” – that’s what their selling point is.

And now you are starting to look for the job with this certificate! And, surprisingly, at this stage, there is also a huge amount of course out there, which for a certain amount of money promise to find you a job. Everything is fine, pay and you will find a job, even though you don’t know shit and you have no experience. But time passes and you are still without a job, and life in hi-tech remains just a dream. And then you ask yourself a question: “what the fuck ???” I’m all who need to pay! But the answer is very simple – developers are not “fools” !!!!

Yes, yes, yes .. All those working in RnD departments, are smart folks, who have studied hard before starting their career . And, most notably, they are constantly learning! And they don’t a shit about this piece of paper you got at a paid course (your certificate). All they care about is what you know and what kind of person you are! So redirect your energy and strength towards continuous learning and growth. And do not waste your time on courses !! Study at home, use your computer, books and let the Google help you!!! Study at least for two hours every day. Everyday! Every fucking day!! Learn for months! Weekends and holidays! And only then you will succeed. That is how it worked for many skilled professionals I am aquatinted with from the QA community. That is their secret. So stop looking for a job – look for knowledge! Try, explore, develop, test!

Good luck.

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  1. Or, you can get some proper education instead 🙂
    It won’t save you the need to learn constantly, but it will give you a better base to start with, and allow for a less demanding learning schedule (that is, *after* the 3 or 4 years it took you to get that “proper education”)

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