How to test mobile application – Part 2


In July 2020 there was a very cool and interesting online meetup “Online QA Meetup” organized by the guys from Innopolis Special Economic Zone. I really liked the format of a small conference. The duration of the meeting is 2 and a half hours, exactly what you need. Successfully selected meeting participants: organizer, moderators -experts who understood the topic of testing and quality and were able to ask interesting questions. And of course, a set of speakers with interesting topics, but different experiences. There was also an opportunity to communicate in an online chat with the participants. All this guaranteed the success of the event. Learned, laughed, and met new people.

For good questions and activity in the chat, the participants received very worthy gifts. In my opinion, this is a new practice for free online meetups. Great respect to the organizers.

My talk was about specifics of mobile testing and building a test strategy. Main points:

  • Mobile Testing – it is the same client-side testing, so no differences in main strategy or approaches, or methodology.
  • Mobile Application, yes, has issues in testing that can be very critical:
    • Interaction with developers
    • Testability of the mobile app (and system)
    • Fullstack approach in the testing
    • Release management

More details, you can see in the video at 33 minutes (For Russian Speakers only, sorry)

In conclusion, I wish the organizers from Innapolis to continue in the same spirit. And everyone else, to participate and always continue to self-develop.

Good luck

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