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Agile: Quality Clean-Up in Development

Did you find yourself in a new company that switched to Agile? Or did your place of work decide to take up “agile development” and now you are part of the Scrum Team? And now you are the main on testing in the team, as the only tester. And most importantly, after implementing Agile, you test even more, but still, the quality of the product is not very good? And the manager, thinks to bring another tester to help you? But the quality of the issued product is still “not very good.” What to do? Test even more and faster? But how? You are one, and there are many of them (developers). The short answer is to forget about testing and really tackle quality. How? I had talked about it in SQA Days #26 conference in Minsk, Belarus. And I invite you to enjoy the video.

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Software QA Engineer Dreams. Automate everything!

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Jump from Testing to QA

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QA Estimation Failed: Mission Impossible

I had presented my new report “QA Estimation Failed: Mission Impossible” in SQA Days #23 conference in Minsk. I talk about what should be done when QA estimation was failed. As in the life of development, and during the speech there were several “technical” failures. That once again proved the one of the idea of the report: “We need to learn to accept the situation, that our estimation and plans may be wrong.”

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How Not To Test A Mobile App

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How not to test a mobile app

The True Power of Tester is Information

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Big Feature and a Small Sprint?

First international talk in SQA Days #21 Conference in Moscow. It looks like this year I did the first time many new things, one of them this talk.

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Test Plan Implementation

My first talk in TestIL Meetup (Israel)

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